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So you're looking for ideas for your corporate video? Well, there's a host of ways in which you can use a corporate video production to help or promote your business. Each has its own approach, and Creative Imagineers will guide you through the process of taking the project from the germ of an idea to a finished product.

Corporate Video for Communication
Corporate Video is visually interesting. The human brain is good at remembering pictures. Put the two together, and you end up with a very effective method of telling people things. A corporate video on DVD is also more interesting and entertaining than the written word, so why not use one to enhance or even replace a brochure, booklet or annual report? In a world dominated by glossy brochures, a corporate video will help you stand out from the crowd. Imagine how your investors, clients and customers will react to getting a professionally produced DVD from you instead of another thick tome. Think of the forests you'll be preserving. From annual report, to a full colour, moving picture guide to a property development, to a demonstration of your latest product, a corporate video production on DVD will bring your message to life in a way that the printed page can never do.

Corporate Video for Training
How often have you sat through a boring training course, led by someone who's a bit short on interest value? It's not the way to inspire your workforce. So make it more interesting. Let them see what you're talking about, see the processes involved, and do it in comfort while you teach them how to be efficient, safe or customer friendly.

Whatever your aims, let us help you visualise your project in the best way. With our experience in making television, we can suggest approaches which make your corporate video production interesting as well as effective. And with Creative Imagineers you're always guaranteed great quality.

Web design from Creative Imagineers gives your imagination freedom. We offer a one-stop shop from design and copy writing, to graphics and hosting. With Creative Imagineers, you can relax and let us take the strain.
Don't let life's banana skins catch out your company. You've worked hard to get it to where it is, so let us help you keep it there. Creative Imagineers' Media Training Courses teach you to control the situation when television news is chasing you. Don't do a Gerald Ratner and say the wrong thing. Let us help you keep your cool and come out a winner.
Our own inspiration is encapsulated in the images of our menu, above. Their meaning and relevance to corporate video production is outlined below.
The Dreamcatcher comes from native American, originally Ojibwe, culture. It captures bad dreams, and allows good dreams to pass through. Our's came from Banff in Canada, and is a part of our aim to turn your dreams into realities.
The apple provides the seed of an idea which grows to maturity in your corporate video. Spelled with a capital A, Apple is also the core of our post production suite, based around an Apple computer.
The lamp illuminates the idea and helps make it tangible. It's also a symbol of the act of shooting, where lighting plays an important role in creating an image which is both striking and attractive
The keyboard is a part of our post production edit suite. It plays a key role in helping assemble the captured material into a finished corporate video.
The microphone gives voice to your thoughts and ideals, allowing you to vocalise your message and explain your aims to your target audience.
The mixer combines the audio elements of your production. It symbolises the mixing of different elements to create a synergy, producing more than the sum of the constituent parts. It blends your corporate video to a smooth, polished product.
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